Just a little bit of layering...... No dark wax!

April 30, 2017

It seems that wherever you look today whether it be on Instagram or Pinterest everyone is layering paint or dark waxing. I for one love this look and it can be used to create a faded French chateau style. 

 For once I remembered to save a before picture, I found this on eBay and luckily my bid was enough to win this beauty.



 I achieved the finish using Made by Paint Chalk and Clay in Smoke as the base coat. I then dry brushed Made by Paint in Mink working small areas at a time. Before the mink had dried I quickly used a damp cloth and smudged the colours together. Don't be scared at this point!

 I left more of the mink paint in the corners which emulates the dirt and grime which can get trapped in those areas.

 I picked out the carvings with Made by Paint in Oyster which is a nice off white with earthy undertones.

 The finishing touch was the Barleycorn Grecian Damask stencil which helped to fill the rather empty doors.

 I clear waxed the chiffonier for added protection but guess what no dark wax! The layering of the two colours produces the same look as adding dark wax to your piece.

I hope to learn more of these techniques when I attend the residential course in England with Jonathon Marc Mendes in June. An opportunity too good to miss.