Fleur de Lys.... Our Newest Arrival

March 30, 2017



Our latest stencil is a beautiful trellis and Fleur de Lys design, perfect for adding to table tops or the side of a chest of drawers. You know how sometimes they can look a little bit ..... well empty. Or how about stencilling the pattern on the edge or inside the drawer for an added surprise.



A little potted history of the iconic emblem. The English translation of Fleur de Lys is Flower of the lily and has been used throughout history to represent royalty and in particular the French royal family and in that sense is said to signify, perfection, light and life.

The Fleur de Lys is found in art works and the symbol is also seen on French furniture, The beautiful tripod table in the photo dates back to 1680 and the Fleur de Lys is clearly shown on the intricate decoration.

 I love this photo of the Fleur de Lys on a wall in the French countryside, it seems that nothing is new, people were creating raised stencils back in the old days too!


Why not be daring and use rich jewel colours for your background and stencil the pattern in silver or gold emulating the richness of the French court of Louis XV.