Sweet Pickins Milk Paint Makeover

March 2, 2017

 Barleycorn Vintage and Dandelion Wood are now stocking Sweet Pickins Milk Paint in the eclectic surroundings of The Mill Market in Daylesford.

I have been waiting for a suitable piece of furniture to come my way so that I could use the beautiful Bluebird colour. I would describe the colour as a very elegant French blue and I just knew it would be perfect for my antique chest of drawers with original hardware. 

 Sweet Pickins milk paint is very easy to mix and use. I did use the extra bond on the first coat of this piece because I didn't want it to look too chippy, the bond can be left out for fantastic chippiness. I painted two coats and once finished I applied  our new French advertising stencils to the drawer fronts.

My good friend Joolz from The Gisborne French Provincial Shop had asked if we could possibly look at doing some smaller stencils to fit onto the front of drawers, I agreed that sometimes drawers can look a little plain and need that certain something added.  I am sure that these will become very popular and a staple go to stencil in anyones collection.


Although I love the bluebird colour I wanted to add dark wax to accentuate the age of the piece.

Sandra from New Vintage mentioned to try the Sweet Pickins Oil Wax and dark wax mixed together, wow I tried it and loved the finish and how easy it was to work with. 

This has to be one of my favourite projects ever and I was loathe to let it go but Mr Barleycorn has taken it to Daylesford and it will be on sale in stall 214 from today.