Lovely Lavender

January 15, 2016


The ancient Romans recognised Lavender for its remedial and medicinal purposes and it may have been them that first introduced Lavender to England.


No-one is sure who first discovered the remedial properties of Lavender but something similar to Lavender was  discovered in Egyptian tombs.


 In the middle ages the monks used a variety of herbs  to cure ailments of all kinds they ran the hospitals in those times and grew herbs and spices in their walled gardens. One of those herbs would have been Lavender.


Whilst living in England we would wander around Norfolk Lavender and discover new plants and fragrances. I remember the haziness of an English summers day and the fat bees flitting lazily amongst the purple Lavender plants. It became a tradition to pay a visit whilst holidaying in Wells Next the Sea.



 We are now living in Australia but are lucky enough to live within a hours drive of the Lavender Farm just outside of Daylesford. A beautiful idyllic destination and the Lavender scones are heavenly too.   









As a homage to the beautiful plant we have created a new stencil FS54 and its only $15. Loved throughout the ages, Lavender in the form of a stencil can now grace your up-cycled furniture in a new and unique way.