Antique Dresser.....the makeover!

September 4, 2016










Yes I know it was pretty but it was also very tired and the side panels were loose and the top of the dresser was stained, so no alternative but to get the paintbrushes out and start painting. The dresser has lovely bones and the decoration on the front panels and the backboard are just beautiful. I cracked open a tin of Made By Paint Chalk and Clay Paint in Smoke a beautiful neutral grey with brown undertones. This colour is quickly becoming a favourite as it is so neutral and easy to fit into any decor.


 I had already decided I wanted this piece to be very rustic and I didn't want to hide its age and history. After giving the dresser one coat of Smoke I applied a wash of Made By Paint in Autumn. I watered the paint down to a single cream consistency and very quickly working in small areas washed and wiped off the Autumn colour. The paint was so thin it pulled off some of the Smoke paint underneath to show the beautiful pine wood underneath. Just perfect exactly how I wanted it to look without distressing with sand paper.



The final touch was to apply Fusion Antique Glaze to all areas of the dresser but especially around those beautiful carved front panels. The glaze highlights and accentuates all of the details and make them pop.