Making Rustic Signs from Pallet Wood

December 27, 2015


Christmas is over and to keep my hands out of the chocolates I thought I would make a couple of vintage signs to take to our next market.

The signs are so easy to make and if you have a nice husband who doesn't mind hunting for pallets and breaking them apart they are very economical to create








First things first, choose a nice plank and make sure your chosen stencil will fit. The plank I had chosen was quite badly split so I removed the split end and sanded back to give a nice smooth base. I then quickly added a coat of white paint, it doesnt matter if the wood is not completely covered it helps to give that rustic finish. Choose a paint colour that will stand out and start stencilling.


I use acrylic paint in tubes which is available in any craft shop and a triangular cosmetic sponge which helps to avoid the bleed through. Remember less is more and you really should have the minimum amount of paint on your sponge.... too much and it will bleed through and look blotchy. 

 Whilst I was on a roll, I made the Beach Cottage sign. I used my homemade stain on the pallet wood made from vinegar and steel wool. Added white and then aqua and sanded back for a beachy driftwood look. 

Love this one, ideal for a beachside house.




Both stencils are now available online to purchase.