Raised Stencils

May 7, 2015


I have noticed that lots of you out there are interested in raised stencils and I have seen several posts on my news feed so I thought okay lets give it a go. Now I am not the most careful of people so I had a feeling this could get quite messy..... how wrong I was, it is so easy to do. 

Our stencils are made from 10mil MylarTM and it definately gives the best definition for your design.


I firstly painted a small board in my favourite Robin Egg Blue mixed with Websters Chalk Paint Powder. I then positioned my stencil on the board.... and yes I know I should have used masking tape but hey if I have an idea I havent time to go looking for masking tape!

I used Selleys Spackfilla which i bought from my local Paint Spot it came with a little spatula attached to the lid, which was ideal for the job being flexible and easy to clean.

I loaded the spatula with the soft spackfilla and pressed it into the stencil. I carefully removed the stencil and I could already see that my little experiment would work.


When the filler was completely dry I very lightly sanded and then painted over the stencil.

A little bit of dark wax to age and its all done. Not perfect but with a little practise this could be quite effective.



The stencils used were our new vintage six set of keys at just $25 and part of the Paris Festoon at $18. 






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