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March 14, 2018

Sometimes you find a piece of furniture which has great style and a fantastic body. One such piece of furniture which has been sitting in the garage for almost a year is this one. The buffet has beautiful curved panels and drawers and although the veneering is a little...

January 15, 2016


The ancient Romans recognised Lavender for its remedial and medicinal purposes and it may have been them that first introduced Lavender to England.


No-one is sure who first discovered the remedial properties of Lavender but something similar to Lavender was  discovere...

August 25, 2015



My son found a beautiful piece of sheet music with a fantastic front cover. The Ivanhoe Grand March dates from 1878 and the art work was amazing.

We took the art work, now out of copyright and made a very beautiful and unusual stencil which has proved to be very popul...

February 18, 2015




We are having a well earned rest in Merimbula at the moment, however our stencil elf is still busy designing and despatching all our orders and I hope looking after the dog!

We have a new unique design now available in our online shop. l'hotel de renard and  

I think...